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Integral BI

1. Reconnaissance
Our engineers meet the client personnel in order to completely understand the objectives, composition, usual processes, scope and challenges of each involved area.
4. Training
Once the dedicated environment is developed, a set of trainings will be set in order to let the staff take full advantage of our platform.
2. Survey
Technical meetings take place with the personnel associated to the project to reach a deep knowledge of the daily operative. Our data engineers analyze the available information in order to determine that necessary processes to accomplish an end-to-end BI solution to fit the company's needs.
5. Data Mining
Once the project is deployed, our data scientists are made available to the business to accomplish a deep analysis utilizing the last statistic and AI techologies in order to detect patterns, segment clients, predict events and optimize processes with the consequent cost reduction and benefit increassing.
3. Development
Our Business Intelligence experts generate a node over the BIART's platform integrating all the client's data.
Metrics, reports, dashboards and alerts will be created over this node based on the business key needs.